Almond Joy Spread

It's now dark when I wake up at 5 am.  It's dark about 5 minutes after I put my kid to bed. 

Our furnace kicked on the other morning. 

We had to replace our summer quilt with our comforter the other night.

My friends, fall is here.  There is no hiding my head in the sand anymore.  It is upon us.

I woke up last weekend and felt like I wanted something "fally" for breakfast.  That generally means oatmeal, but I just didn't feel like "oatmeal".  You know what I mean?  Probably not?  My brain doesn't make any damn sense.

I remember that I had seen a post on some one's blog a few weeks ago for "Mounds spread", and I thought "I can make that".  But since I'm "responsible" when I'm eating chocolate spread for breakfast, I decided to add some almonds (for protein of course) and I changed it to Almond Joy spread.  I don't have the link for the original recipe, but I'm not trying to claim that this is original.  I just added some almonds.

Cause some times you feel like a nut.

And some times you don't!

Almond Joy Spread
1 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes (you have to get unsweetened to be able to convince yourself that this is healthy!)
1/3 cup of chocolate (you could use chocolate chips, bars, etc.)
20ish almonds

1) In a food processor, combine coconut flakes and chocolate.  Process until it starts to cling to the sides and the processor won't run anymore.  Scrape the sides and do it a few more times.

2) Add the almonds, and process until they're in tiny pieces.

3) Store in a small canning jar or container.  Serve a big dollop on oatmeal. 

It tends to firm up after a few hours, but you can stick it in the microwave for a few seconds to heat up because this is awesome on toast as well!
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