DIY "Sabra" hummus cups - ya'll are gonna pee yourselves

Back in August when Jack and I went to visit my friend Anne, I wanted a healthy snack for the plane.  I saw some Sabra hummus cups at Costco then debated the voice in my brain for about 2 minutes ("You can just make some.  Don't spend money on that. You leave tomorrow dummy.  You'd have to soak and cook the garbanzo beans before the end of the day.  You don't have time for that idiot").  My inner voice is a total hose beast.  I ended up shelling out the money for them.

They were great, and perfect for the airplane.  What is better than a filling snack that also gives you gas for dropping anonymous bombs on a crowded airplane?  Win win people.

Having those hummus cups in our fridge changed our snacking while they lasted.  I usually cut up veggies for lunches, but I was always the only one eating them.  Suddenly, having hummus cups in the fridge got Troy to snack on the veggies too!  I loved this change of habit, but wasn't willing to shell out the $5.99 every week to keep us in hummus cups.


Light bulb moment baby!

I'd like to introduce you to DIY Knock Off Sabra Hummus Cups.
The photo blows, I know.  It's now dark in my kitchen by 7 pm.  Sigh.
You'll need:
1 batch of my hummus
12 mini 4 oz jam jars (these suckers can be hard to find.  I eventually got them at a small local hardware store)

Distribute the hummus amongst the cups, and secure the lids.  You can freeze these for later, or store them in the fridge for about 4-5 days.

Wanna see what these bad boys cost?
The Sabra version at $5.99 for 16 cups, cost $.37 for 2 oz.  Mine are 4 oz, so one of my cups is double a Sabra cup which brings the purchased price to $.74. Even better, the jars are infinitely reusable, so you're not adding to the waste issue in this country.
Are you sitting down?  Cause I think I just blew your mind.


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