We interrupt this post for a blog-vacation

I'm not sure what exactly happened, but all of the sudden my computer crapped out.  I've had to ship it back to HP, and it will take about 7-10 days to fix and return to me.  And if I tried to blog via the Kindle, I would punch a nun.  And, I don't touch my blog at work (that would be a big no no), so, I'm taking a mini-vacation from blogging and will use my time to eat Ben and Jerrys and sit on my ass get caught up in the garden!

While I'm away, I leave you with this story:

A few weeks ago, I was at a work training.  There were various workshops each hour, for one hour.  I chose ones that I thought would be entertaining or useful.  The 9-10 am slot didn't have anything that really pertained to me, so I self-selected a 60 minute "mindful meditation" training.

I knew before I went in there, that it wasn't my kind of thing, but I'm exceptionally open-minded and decided to give it a legitimate shot. 

At one point, we were asked to close our eyes put on our feet on the floor, and just feel how our feet felt being grounded, and take deep breaths through our nose to feel how air felt entering our nostrils.

After 3 minutes of that, we opened our eyes and "reported" our findings.  Someone said "I realized how asymmetrical my body is man.  My feel felt different on the floor".  Another said "I've never focused on my breathing, and I thought the air was burning my nostrils".

Had there been a court reporter in my head, this is what the transcript would look like:

(3 seconds in) 
this is weird

(45 seconds in, a door behind us opens) 
ohhh someone came in here.  I wonder if they're just standing there watching us thinking we're a bunch of nuts.

Hmmm, I don't hear them anymore.  Are they just quiet, did they leave, or are they being quiet on purpose?

What if they mean us harm?  We're sitting here like a bunch of targets, with our eyes closed, meanwhile there is a trained assassin waiting to attack us!

I wonder if anyone else heard that person come in?

I don't think anyone did!

Oh my god, am I the only person who knows that there is a ninja lying in wait for us to open our eyes?  I alone know that there is an evil presence in the room behind us?

(eyes fly open)
dear god, I'm Jason Bourne, aren't I?????

(end scene)

See you all in a few days!