Giveaway: Scratch and Peck Chicken Feed

So, while I was researching stuff for my ladies, I knew I wanted to feed them organic food.  I found a great deal on organic feed at our local farm store, and even via Azure Standard.  All the while, my aunt kept telling me about Scratch and Peck and how great it was and blah blah blah.

Whatever, I knew better.


Then, one day I was almost out of food and far from the feed store.  My aunt (remember that smart lady that I had previously been ignoring) told me that a member of our food co-op sold Scratch and Peck. Oh, and her house was really close to work. 


My ladies had been decent eaters from the start, and always did a fine job eating what I put in their feeder.


Then I brought home the Scratch and Peck.

You know that scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie's mom tells his little brother to "show me how a piggy eats"?  Well, that is what my chickens did when I poured Scratch and Peck in to their feeder.  They went bat shit crazy over this stuff.

And truth be told, if you compare Scratch and Peck to the grey pellet stuff I was giving them before, I'd go bat shit crazy myself.  Scratch and Peck has actual whole grains in there, and you can tell what your chickens are actually eating.  It's not mystery meat; it's wheat, peas, oats, barley, and oyster shells (for laying birds).  You could probably eat it.  I could probably eat it.  And if you think about the fact that what your chickens eat eventu;postID=120842139029825261ally makes its way in to your system, you want to know what your ladies eat.  And unlike anything currently make in the United States, it is soy free!

And the best part for Seattle peeps (people and little peepers)?  It's actually made right here in the lovely state of Washington!

If you'd like to recreate a scene beloved 80's movie by switching to Scratch and Peck, we have a real treat for you today!  The lovely people over at Scratch and Peck have given me a 25# bag of their Soy Free Layer feed to give to one of you lovely readers!

To Win:
1) Live in the United States.  Sorry international people.
2) Like their page on Facebook (and then leave a comment telling me you did) - OR
3) If you don't have Facebook, visit their website and tell me one thing you learned about this awesome company.
4) For the love of all that is holy, please leave an email so that I can find you if you're the big winner.

I'll drawn the winner by 8 pm on Sunday, August 25th.

I was not compensated for this review or giveaway.  I purchased my own feed at the local Cenex.