Halloween and the Candy Fairy

Times are rough out there.

The government shutdown has hit everyone hard.

Candy City has an energy crisis.  They're at the point of rationing.

You can help.  You can help the citizens of Candy City.  Candy City powers their homes and businesses with sugar and candy.  Halloween is their "black Friday" when everyone can finally relax a bit.

If you leave your bucket of candy on the front porch, and go hide in your room, the Candy Fair will take it away to convert it to energy.  In gratitude, she will leave you a lovely present - a thank you present.

Jack believes with his whole heart in the Candy Fairy.  He doesn't want her fair city to go dark, and for the poor fairy families to live a cold life.  He also knows that candy is delicious, but not great for him.  He picks out his 10 favorite pieces of candy, leaves the bucket on the porch, and returns to find a fabulous new toy for him.  A win for everyone.

Like all holiday "spirits" the Candy Fairy can live in our hearts, or not.  We get the choice to believe or not.  To this day, I still remember one of the best Christmases we had growing up.  It was a white Christmas (so rare in Seattle), and Santa left footprints and reindeer prints all over the yard, and we even saw snowy footprints leading from the fireplace to the tree.

Was I harmed by that memory?  Nope, I keep it close and cherish it to this day.

Let's talk candy.  And sugar.

I don't hate candy.  I'm not the type of person who will say "I love to have a piece of imported dark Belgium chocolate every two or three days".  F that.

If there is a Milky Way dark in sight, I'm on it like Donkey Kong.

Halloween isn't a bad thing.  You get to dress up and pretend, and get free stuff.  It's pretty cool!  However, too much candy and sugar is not cool.  My child already has enough energy, the addition of sugar is not needed.  I have the feeling that a lot of parents also feel like that.  So this year I am going to do my part and not give out candy exactly.  I'm not going to give out apples, or toothbrushes or anything like that, but I'm debating my options.

Right now, I'm thinking a pack of Halloween mini bags of Goldfish Crackers, and probably a big box of Annie's Organics variety snacks from Costco.  We don't get a TON of trick-or-treaters at our house, so we have no need for a ton of items to give out.  I'm ok with spending a bit more than if I just bought some fun-sized candy at the grocery store.

Am I still giving out processed packaged items?  You bet.  Is it slightly better than a ton of candy? For sure. 

Will it piss off the Candy Fair and the dwellers in Candy City?  Definitely.

Time to tighten your belts ladies, and conserve that candy.  Jack will share.