Welcome back to a sponsor - Thrive Life, Teresa Peers

Today I am excited to welcome back a former sponsor, Thrive Life!

Are you familiar with Thrive?  Thrive is a company that makes shelf-stable food for emergencies, camping, hiking, etc., and every day life. 

Their process for creating the shelf-stable food is pretty fascinating, and I call tell you first hand that the product is delicious.  Teresa sent me a few things to try like the yogurt and chicken noodle soup, and I was blown away with the taste, quality, and ease at which is all came together.  We made the soup according to the directions and it was so simple.  I'm not sure how the yogurt was even supposed to be prepared...Jack just ate it by the fistful as is and asked for more.

They even have many organic selections for those interested!

Whether you are interested in adding a few products to your weekly meal plan, need a last minute go-to solution, or are prepping for the zombie apocalypse, Thrive has a tasty product just for you!

On Friday, Teresa is having a crazy Black Friday sale if you want to stock up.  Personally, staying at home in my jammies to purchase some delicious food for an emergency sounds a lot better than ending up in the emergency room after punching out some woman while fighting over the last Skylander Giants action figure. 

But perhaps that is just me?

So, on Friday, head over to Thrive, stock up, and fly your prepper flag proudly. 

**Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Contact me directly via email!