Please paint my bathroom for me

In just a few short weeks, Troy and I are going to do a minor update (read: inexpensive) to our master bathroom.

Are we ditching the hideous orange vanity for this beautiful one?
Sadly no, out of our budget for now.

What are we doing?

Replacing the toilet that no matter how you clean it, smells weird almost instantly.  We're going to put in the same toilet that we installed in Jack's bathroom, an American Standard dual flush model.

We also need a new mirror, because the 46 foot one we have now, is a bit um, enormous.
Do you love the awesome wallpaper border you can see in the background?  We were going to tear it out, but with the remodel that is happening next spring, we said "ah f it".  The wall is coming down anyway.  We'll do it then.  Also, unmade bed?  Classy.  The sheets were in the washer!
The lights will be updated with a nice $30 replacement.  Nothing fancy, but it will be a huge improvement.

And now, here is what I need your help with.  Please pick a paint color for me!  The tile is a ugly dusty rose (just typing those words made me puke), but since originally this house was a rental after my parents moved out, they just replaced it with something cheap because who really cared?

I like the Valspar collection from Lowes because it's super low VOC.  I like Yolo paints, but my local Home Depot doesn't carry that brand anymore.  Sad panda.

I think I want a light neutral grey, but what do you think?  Originally, I wanted the middle one (Frappe), but now I'm thinking the one on the left (Woodlawn Snow) might be better.

Left to my own devices, I will pick something easy and boring.  Save me, and save my bathroom.  Which color from Valspar do you think would look kick ass with my orange counter and a dusty rose (harf) tile??