Fun Finds Friday

Here are some great, interesting, and beautiful things I've found on the interwebs this week.

1) My New Roots.  This blog is like visual food porn.  I made out with my screen just a wee bit.  But don't worry, I bought it dinner first.

2) This catalog showed up at my house the other day.  I have no idea how I got on this mailing list, but I need off of it, because the clothes are DARLING.  It is a British company, and I was hoping the prices were in pounds, because then maybe I could afford something, but alas, it is in dollars, and therefore, I'm just going to have to store these photos in my fashion spank bank.

This dress is so amazing that it makes me want to punch something.   I have the BEST shoes to go with it.  They're bright yellow wedges.

Hey Boden USA, any interest in sponsoring a frugal blog?  Hmmm?  My rates are reasonable...I'll accept payment in the form of this dress, size 6L, thank you very much!

3) One of my favorite sites on the web.  I only wish I could write like this.  I would love to take a snark class from them.

4) The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl!  We don't win a lot of things in Seattle...unless you count having a highly educated population, birthplace of expensive coffee, and aggressive salmon consumption.  So, when you become the champions of the WORLD, it's kind of exciting.  Alas, we partied like Seattleites partied, and 700k people came out on Wednesday to celebrate in 20 degree weather.  700k is a lot of people, and yet in true Washingtonian fashion, no one was injured, no one was shot or attacked...everyone just had a good time.

Seattleites only party when the WTO is town yo'!

5) My grain mill that I love dearly is on "sale" on Amazon and is $20 off.  I've never seen it cheaper than this.