Hello Sarah, 2008 welcomes you

I finally joined instagram.  If you remember, I didn't join Facebook for my blog until 2012 (ish), and I still don't have a personal account.

I didn't get an ipod until 2010...and it was a gift.  And I've only ever downloaded free library audiobooks on it.

I am frequently behind the times.  And I'm ok with that.

So, I just joined instagram, and I'd love for you to follow me (beingfrugalbychoice).  Here is my first photo:

From here on out, the photos will likely all be about food, ninjas, Nerf, and boy stuff.  With some gardening, chickens, and unintentionally dirty products thrown in...
There will be a very limited supply of selfies though, if only because a) why take a photo of yourself constantly and 2) the term selfie makes my skin crawl.