"It's for the children"

Growing up, the children on our street quickly identified my mom as the sucker of the neighborhood.  They knew, if they knocked on the door with a school fundraiser, my mom was going to buy something.  The droves of crappy chocolate, horribly over-priced wrapping paper, and tubs of popcorn overwhelmed us at times.

Wouldn't it be nice to just help school kids with their fundraising efforts, without having to deal with a deluge of poorly manufactured crap?

Why yes it would.  I'm so glad you asked!

A friend of mine is affiliated with a public school in Los Angeles, and they are doing a 5k for a fundraiser.  That's right folks, instead of selling junk food or disposable gift wrap, they're actually promoting awesome healthy activities for their students!

May I humbly suggest you donate the cost of a latte to help these students reach their worthy goal?  Thank you!