Pantry Challenge - Week 3 check in

How is it going for everyone?  If you haven't joined the pantry challenge, there is still time.  Sign up here.

Last week's extra point for creativity goes to E's yummy quinoa recipe!

As I said last week, I was out of town Tuesday-Saturday, so I didn't do any grocery shopping this past week.  I went a bit over budget yesterday, but I'm counting that technically as 2 weeks since we returned home to an empty fridge.  I also bought a few items for Jack's birthday party next weekend.

So, what did I buy?

Like the counter burn in the front right-hand corner?  Still don't know how I did that!

Milk man
-2 half gallons of milk ($5)
-2 dozen organic, cage free eggs ($7.98)

Local butcher
-1 gallon of raw milk ($10).  Raw milk makes homemade yogurt taste AMAZING.

-2 lbs of Tillamook cheddar ($6.99)
-3 lbs of asparagus ($4...I think)

Fred Meyer (grocery store)
Items in red are meant for Jack's birthday party this coming Sunday, so I'm not counting those in my overall weekly budget.
-10 lbs of organic potatoes ($6.99)
-2 things of juice ($5.58, but used 2 $1 off coupons for a total of $3.58)
-So Delicious Coconut Milk ($5.98, but used 2 $1 off coupons for a total of $3.98) (this is what my dairy intolerant munchkin drinks)
-2 bottles of BBQ sauce ($5, but 1 bottle is for Jack's party, so $2.50 for this week's budget)
-Aluminum pans for making and freezing chicken pot pie ($1.49)
-1 organic plain yogurt since I'm a dumb dumb and forgot to save homemade yogurt as a starter ($.99)
-Tillamook sour cream for Jack's birthday cake ($1.50)
-3 boxes of Fred Meyer cream cheese for Jack's party (frosting) ($3.75)
-1 lb of natural deli meat for Jack and Troy ($8.99)
-Bag of frozen organic strawberries for the strawberry cupcakes for Jack's party ($2.99)
-Box of graham crackers for my 33 year old son husband who prefers store bought to my homemade ones.  Insulting!  ($2.39)
-2 onions ($1.66)
-1 bunch of organic green onions ($.50)
-Organic bananas ($1.39)
-Bag of organic carrots ($1.49)
-1 box of Jello pudding for Jack's cake ($1.25)
-Anchovy paste (going to try my hand at making Green Goddess dressing!) ($2.19)
-Organic celery ($3.19)
-Organic coconut oil ($5.99)
-1 lemon ($.50)
-Salt ($1.98)
-Cumin from the bulk spice section ($1.08.  And that was enough to fill a bottle that would have cost $5 if purchased from the spice aisle.  Bulk spices people, I'm telling you!)
-1 lime ($.50)
-1 disgusting tub of mayo for my husband who loves it. BARF ($3.79, but $3.29 with my $.50 off coupon)
-$10 store giftcard.  There is a small, but growing group of constituents at my work that are in real need of food and gas.  I'm absorbing $20 a month in to my grocery budget to donate giftcards to this group.  If I can afford $10 for raw milk, I can afford to help out more than I previously was.  ($10)
Total: $86.59 - $10.74 (Jack's party) - $.20 for bag refund = $75.65

Total spent at all stores for 2 weeks: $109.62, or $54.81 per week.  Not too bad! will all this "stuff" feed us this week?  Most of the ingredients are coming from items already in my pantry, fridge, or freezer.

Monday - homemade chicken pot pie, asian pea pods, and home canned fruit
Tuesday - a homemade quiche from the freezer, roasted asparagus, and home canned fruit
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - BBQ pork sandwiches (found 2 pork shoulders in my freezer last week!) on homemade buns, sweet potato fries, and home canned fruit
Friday - black beans and rice in the crockpot with roasted asparagus
Saturday - leftovers!
Sunday - Jack's birthday party.  We'll be serving make your own pizzas using "my" pizza crust recipe, green salad with homemade dressings, and cut up fruit.  Dessert will be chocolate dinosaur cake, and strawberry cupcakes for those who don't eat chocolate