Mostly Homemade Mondays

Postscript: So I drafted this post yesterday and scheduled it to post on Monday (tomorrow).  Whoopsie, got the day wrong.  So, this week it's mostly homemade Sunday AND Monday! ;-D

A few blogs/sites that I like to read have days when people can post things and it's all linked up in 1 cool post.  Most of these blogs I pursue are food blogs.

This week when I went to read them I saw many had some new rules, one of which that if you're posting a recipe it shouldn't contain processed ingredients, white sugar, etc.  It is their site, and I'm more than happy to abide by their rules, but my problem is usually every recipe I made has some ingredient that comes from a can, box, or a jar. 

I make a lot of homemade stuff like bread, vanilla, yogurt, cleaning supplies, crackers, etc., but still I often have to rely on things purchased from a traditional grocery store to round out a meal.  Comparing myself to someone who makes cheese and sourdough starter from scratch accomplishes nothing for me.  Am I impressed by those who can do all that stuff?  Absolutely!  Do I wish I had time to make more stuff from scratch?  Yeppers!  But, I can't do it all, so instead I choose to pat myself on the back for what I can accomplish

So, if you're out there in the blogsphere (man that is an obnoxious term!) and are in the same boat as me, I welcome you to post a favorite recipe or tip/trick to Mostly Homemade Mondays*.  It's a series for people who are striving for better food and a better lifestyle, but for whatever reason need a helping hand from a pre-made ingredient now and then. 

*And because I find Sandra Lee oh so annoying, this is in no way related to her series.

The ground rules:
1) knock yourself out in being creative.  Want to share a new recipe?  Cool.  Want to post a photo of something you made?  Rock on with your bad self.  Want to talk about a dresser you bought from a thrift store and refurbished?  Back that truck up cause that is something I want to see!

2) Some part of your post should be "homemade".  While a post on the Hamburger Helper you made last night doesn't seem to cut the bill, making your own casserole from  meat and noodles that you didn't make from wheat you grew yourself is something to crow about!

3) If you want to, go ahead and note on your post that you're linking to this series.  And if you don't want to?  Well, that is no skin off my nuts.  Awesome saying courtesy of a junior high friend.

So, let's get started!