New Wednesday series!

Just when I think I will run out of crap to spew at your guys, I think of something new!  Introducing...

The Frugal Girl's Guide to Going Green aka Sustainable because I hate the term "green"!

Phew, kind of a mouthful!  But it is true, I hate the term "green" because green has been so washed out in the media that people associate it with celebrity ass clowns who like to tout stupid things like they're "so green they brush their teeth in the shower".  Side eye to you Jennifer Aniston.  Brushing your teeth in the shower is SUCH a waste of money and resources.  When brushing your teeth OUT of the shower you're not (or shouldn't be) running the water for the whole 2 minutes.  So, how is standing under a stream of water while brushing your teeth a sustainable practice?

It is now to the point where I hear the term "green" or see it in print and cringe because I'm sure it is turning people off.  Instead of focusing on a great idea to live your life in a more sustainable fashion, people assume they have to have expensive gadgets and retro fit their house with $20k in solar panels in order to make a difference.  This new weekly Wednesday series is targeted to anyone out there who wants to incorporate changes in to their lives that will both make a difference AND help them save money without spending too much. 

Week 1: "Green" your cleaning
Spend $20 and invest in products that will clean almost anything in your whole house for about a year.  You heard me correctly - $20 will clean your house for 1 entire year.

When you go to the store to buy cleaning products, you're faced with 2 options:
1) buy cheap products that are harmful to your house, family, and environment - OR -
2) buy trendy environmentally friendly products with cutesy names that require you hold a bake sale in order to afford the purchase

I say, vote for option 3 - make it yourself.  Click the links below to view my recipes.

Toilet, shower, and sink scrub
Surface spray
Laundry detergent

For wood or tile floors, hot water and vinegar makes a great cleaning solution.

And now you're all set to clean your house safely, cheaply, and if you insist on using this term, in a "green" manner.