Miracles, blisters, and a giveaway!

The cable guy came yesterday to disconnect the cable that the previous tenants had forgotten to cancel.  Last night, I connected the converter box and a miracle of miracles happened; we still get about 10 local channels!!!!  At our last place, even with the converter box we only got Fox.

I'll still watch TV for free on Hulu via the computer, but it's so nice to have local news and let's be honest - Law and Order episodes.

Yesterday I took a portion of our yard from this:

to this:

The space to the right of the cleared area is scheduled for weeding and then a planting of raspberry bushes.  Soon. Very soon.
 I hand weeded it all, but Troy and his hand sawzall (sp???) were responsible for removing the bush that was blocking light from where I want to plant blueberries um dying. 

Tomorrow after applying a nice layer of Cedar Grove Compost, I'm going to plant 2 blueberry bushes and a whole mess of strawberry plants.  Come fall, I'm going to put in a few asparagus plants (bushes?).  Since this area faces the road, my thoughts are planting edibles that are also attractive year round is a neighborly thing to do.

The good folks at Larabar have provided me with 4 different flavors of bars to giveaway to 1 lucky reader.  My only recommendation to the winner is to try the bars, then make my homemade version and see what you think.

To enter - leave a comment that you are interested.  I'll draw for the winner next Thursday (June 23rd) at noon.

May you all have a fantastic and restful weekend!  It is supposed to be pretty nice here in the PNW, and the garden is calling my name.