And yet ANOTHER inexpensive and fast holiday gift idea

I'm full of gift ideas people.  Well...I'm full of something alright.

This one is simple simple simple!  Did I mention it was simple?  Cause it is.  Are you ready?  Are you on the edge of your seat?  Wait for it...vanilla sugar!  Did I blow your mind?  I'm sure I did.

Did you already start your homemade vanilla extract for the holidays (see how nondenominational I'm being?)?  Do you have any vanilla beans left over?  If yes, try your hand at making vanilla sugar.

Super complicated directions
-take 1 jar (I use a quart jar, but you can also use something simple like Tupperware or a Ziploc)
-and as much sugar as you want (I use organic evaporated cane juice from Costco)
-and 2 to 3 vanilla beans split like a wishbone

Put the stuff in the jar.  Shake.  Let sit.  Applaud yourself for how you're totally kicking this holiday season's ass for about $2.

Need a picture?  I don't have one.  Look at the lavender salt I made a few weeks ago, and picture vanilla beans in there instead of lavender.  Got the visual?  Excellent.

Merry Christmanukkah.  And Happy Festivus one and all.  The Feats of Strength will begin soon.  Gather round the Festivus pole people.  I'll bring the vanilla sugar.  You bring the list of grievances.

I've shared this with the peeps over at Frugal Tip Tuesday and Good Cheap Eats.

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