Meal plan for April 9th-15th

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope today brings you lovely time with your family and/or friends.  Jack and I are anxiously awaiting a morning phone call from one of his godmothers who will be calling from South Africa!

If you're able to get out a Peep induced coma long enough to meal plan, here is what we'll be having this week.  Hope it brings you some inspiration.

Just a reminder, breakfasts for Troy and myself are either eggs, oatmeal, or smoothies.  Jack eats breakfast at my aunt's house.  Lunches for Troy and myself are leftovers from the night before and a big container of carrots.  Jack has the same thing: AB&J (homemade almond butter and jam), cheese, a little ham, a few bunny crackers, and maybe some dried fruit.

Monday:: Cast iron skillet frittata and home canned fruit.

Tuesday:: Crockpot Buffalo chicken sandwiches on homemade rolls, coleslaw, and home canned fruit.

Wednesday:: Home canned tomato soup from last year's garden, paninis, salad, and sectioned grapefruits.

Thursday:: Homemade pizza, leftover coleslaw, and sectioned grapefruits.

Friday:: Popcorn and fruit on the couch while watching a movie from the library.  I've given up on planning meals for Fridays.

Saturday:: Homemade gnocchi (maybe), salad, and fruit.  My friend Anne is coming in for Jack's birthday party and I'm going to try to make gnocchi for her.  It is a good thing I did so many kegals while pregnant, or I would literally be peeing my pants in excitement for her to get here!

Sunday::  Jack's birthday party!  We'll be serving homemade pizza, salad, some dips with chips, punch, and chocolate cake.
This week we spent $43.91 on groceries at the grocery store and $15 for raw milk and farm-fresh eggs.  I spent $29 at the local butcher for pastured chicken.