The "shut the hell up and stop coughing" throat soothing smoothie

Jack and I came back from vacation with colds or something, and my throat has felt like I swallowed fire dipped in glass.  I coughed so hard the other day that I threw up.  Yeesh. 

Jack and I ended up going to Urgent Care yesterday morning, which in a weird way led us to helping a lost baby.  But more on that later.  I don't even have a doctor because I never get sick, so going to Urgent Care was a huge white towel that I was throwing.

After a whole night of of coughing my throat raw, I wanted to strangle myself because I was so annoying!  I decided to make a "feel better" smoothie for breakfast, and boy howdy, it sure made my fire tube feel better!  And the Urgent Care doc gave me props for the ingredients.

OMG, STFU and stop coughing already smoothie
1 cup of cold green tea
Frozen peaches (I used 3 peach halves)
2 tblsp honey
Handful of frozen raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries (I used blackberries)

1) Brew a cup of tea and let cool completely.  I'd brew it at night, and store it in the fridge overnight.

2) In a blender, food processor, or cup (I use my immersion blender), blend the cooled tea, frozen peaches, frozen berries, and honey until smooth.

3) Drink.  In your mouth.  In case you couldn't figure that one out.  You're welcome.

The combo of the green tea, frozen fruit, and honey was a total lifesaver for me.  And it was way more delicious than any medicine.  Except Tylenol PM.  Anything that makes this insomniac pass out is tops in my book.

Curious about the baby?  Well, I debated all night if I should go to Urgent Care or not.  I was feeling like a hot sack of shit in the morning, so I decided to finally just go.  I ended up being about 15 minutes for work because of it.  As Jack and I were driving to my aunt's (his daycare), I see something out of the corner of my eye.

Could that be what I think it is?


Not possible.

You guys, it was a fucking baby in the middle of the street!!!!!!  This was not in my town, but a few towns over.  You might think "geez, Sarah seems to be recycling posts since we already heard this story before".  Nope, new story.  A fucking baby in the middle of the road.

I slammed on my brakes, and jumped out of the truck (I was driving Troy's truck cause he had my car) and stopped all traffic coming each way.  I scooped up the baby - maybe a year old kid -  and ran back to the truck.  I got Jack out of the truck, and along with another woman who stopped, we started looking for this kid's parents.

I lost my voice from coughing, so here I am rasping/yelling "um, did anyone lose a baby"?  The woman I was with knocked on doors and we found the kid's mom.  Apparently the kid just learned how to open their front door (lever handle instead of a door knob) and he slipped out without her noticing.

She was appropriately devastated that her baby was in the street, so she passed my meth addict test.  We talked about getting new deadbolts for the door, and alarm thingys that Troy and I used to have on our doors in Los Angeles.  Convinced that she wasn't some drug addict, Jack and I went on our way.

A fucking baby in the street!!!

In a weird way, I'm glad I got sick.  I'm never late to work, so had I not gotten sick and gone to Urgent Care, I would have never been late.  I would have never passed that kid.  Obviously another person stopped to help, but it makes me sick thinking if some horrible person had been 15 seconds in front of that lady.

Hug your kids tonight people.
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