POOP in 15 - Home, day 1

What is POOP in 15?  It is a series for people who want more order in their lives, but don't have a lot of time to devote to doing it.


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This week, we're focusing on the home.  A place where most of us spend too little time, and definitely not enough effort.  I find myself in that intersection often.  I could despair and tell myself that it will never be clean, so why even try, but that ain't my thang.  Instead, I break it down in to manageable bites to keep tidy while preventing burnout.

Today's task: Get three huge garbage bags, or boxes, or tubs, and fill them with things to donate to charity.  These are things that mock you every time you see them because they're just taking up space in your house.  You're never going to wear those clothes, use those pans, or read those books.  And that giant pile of magazines you've been hold on to for so long?  TOSS THEM.  Take them to a thrift shop, and let someone else enjoy them while you enjoy a less cluttered house.

Note: I'm only saying to work on this for 15 minutes, but if you're like me, once you start you may not be able to stop!

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