Happy Valentines Day from Jack

Valentines courtesy of my crafty aunt Connie.

Today is Jack's Valentines party at preschool (excuse me, I was just corrected that it's "Montessori school Mommy"), and I am off today and volunteering in the classroom.  Jack is giving out the card, with a five pack of raver finger lights that I bought on Amazon.  The tiny crack dealer baggies are from JoAnn's Fabrics.  I've been using them for the last three Christmases for my hard lotion bars.

Even though I think all the parents will pretty much hate me at bedtime tonight, at least it's not candy.  Kiddos everywhere tonight are going to be amped up on the sweet stuff, but at least Jack's giveaway will keep them occupied when they are wild-eyed and snarling.

Also, this is my first day volunteering with a bunch of ankle-biters.  Not coincidentally, this will also be the day I take up drinking.
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