Mr. Clean take me away!

I could do a whole series over the next year entitled "stuff the previous tenants screwed up".  The previous tenants I speak of are the disgusting family of what must have been wookies (you should see the hair I've been pulling from drains, the dishwasher, door jams...), who lived in my parent's rental home that we have since taken over.  Today's post is all about the condition they left the master bathroom shower in.  Yeah, I ended that sentence with a preposition...what are you judging me for...?

At some point in the last 25 years, my dad had a cast on his foot and it scratched up the shower in the master bath.  The scratches were always there, but the renters took it to a whole new level and decided to fill those scratches with filth (the janky cell photo doesn't do it justice.  Much grosser in real life!):

Yuck, how do you shower in there and feel like you're clean?
Now you know me, and you know that I don't like single-use products.  BUT, I also don't like using harsh chemicals that are dangerous for my family and for the community water systems.  So...when nothing "green" will work to get that crap off of the shower...where does one turn?  If you're me, you picked up the new Mr. Clean Magic Bathroom Eraser.  I bought them at Target for about $4.

After 20 minutes, a bunch of elbow grease, and 1 nearly shredded Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, I turned the shower in to this:
The eraser went in the garbage afterwards which added it to the ranks of single-use products being tossed, but I didn't have to use any bleach or other harsh chemicals to get a clean shower.

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Note: this post is not sponsored by any company, and all opinions are merely my own. I didn't receive any compensation for writing this, and heck I even bought the product myself. So stuff those suspicions in a sack mister.