Garden tour

I took these photos about two weeks ago, so some things are a bit bigger now.  Sadly, not a lot bigger thanks to our craptastic summer.

Shall we?
Kale (that has been growing since October of last year!), garlic, beets, and peas.  And an errant carrot)

The bed that holds 8 tomatoes, a small strawberry pot, zukes, more carrots, more beets, lavender, and cukes)

Cukes.  The day lilies behind the fence are going to be torn out after they're done blooming this year.  They take up WAY too much room and block the sun from the cukes.

My 4 blueberry bushes that replaced some old yucky bushes (before picture here), pumpkins (they've tripled in size since I took this photo), and a watering can that makes you think that I actually water my garden.  I don't.  I'm too lazy.

Baby pickling cuke.  Will I ever get enough to actually make pickles?  Only time will tell.

Garlic, dying back so almost ready to harvest!  And I still need to harvest some of those scapes!
Our raspberry bed, built by Troy and Jack.  We planted 6 plants, and only 3 grew, but they're already shooting off and slowly filling out the bed.  I have high hopes for next year!

Zukes.  I doubt I'll ever harvest one at this rate.

Box o'weeds needed to be dumped

Potato experiment that was a big stinker.

View from the stairs, and a few more potatoes shoved in an opening.  That's what she said?

More tomatoes, blueberries, and my asparagus (hidden)

Just pulled the peas, but there are some spuds left.

Peas desperately needing to be harvested.  And more spuds

Raised strawberry bed by the road that Troy built.  It's a bit janky with the blocks, and the cages used to cover strawberries as they ripen.  The big one is something my dad used to trap raccoons, and the bird cage came out of someones garbage that Troy found.

Rhubarb that is slowly recovering from the "Battle for the Garden"; Rhubarb vs. morning glory and lilies.

Some roses that desperately need to be trimmed back after blooming this year!

Lavender that needs a good trimming, but I can't bring myself to do it this year.  We had to kill a bumble bee nest in the attic this year, and I can't help but feel awful, so I let the lavender get huge as an "I'm sorry" to their bee cousins.  This lavender is douched in bees in the evening.

What I call gardening "fast food"
Things are plugging along, but I'm hoping that next year we get some actual heat for the garden.

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