Poop - Home, day 4

What is POOP in 15?  It is a series for people who want more order in their lives, but don't have a lot of time to devote to doing it.


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Today's challenge: face your home version of Custer's Last Stand.  What task has been staring at you for months, taunting you and judging you for walking by it on a daily basis.

For me, that task that I keep putting off, has been taking care of some seedlings that I started, as well as two bouquets of flowers I picked from the garden.  And then put in our back bedroom and promptly forgot about!  They naturally died, and have been sitting on my deck for MONTHS.  We see it every time we sit down to have dinner.  I see it every time I put stuff in our recycling bin. 
Knowing it would only take me five minutes to clean this up, I kept putting it off.  Isn't it funny how such small tasks can seem overwhelming and get delayed?
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