Costco shopping list

A few weeks ago, multiple readers emailed me asking for a list of items that I buy at Costco.  One of them was contemplating whether or not the membership cost was worth it, and asked if I would share how we save money there.  It's taken me a bit to write it all up, so dear readers, forgive the delay.

Cost of membership: Costco offers different levels of membership that range from $55-$110 per year.  With the memberships, you get two cards.  I know many families that each split a membership and have one card per household.  It definitely reduces the yearly cost, while still allowing you access to the store.

We have the Executive membership which is $110 per year.  It is similar to the $55 membership, but we get a 2% rebate back each year that actually pays the difference in the cost of the membership.  If you were to plan on big purchases like appliances, etc., you'll receive a sizable rebate.

Here are some of the items we purchase at Costco.  Many of the prices are ranges because I'm not 100% sure on the exact amount.  Keep in mind, many of these prices may not be the same around the country:
I know they also have organic frozen veggies like corn and peas, but it isn't something we purchase.  Friends who have used disposable diapers and formula, report that the deals at Costco are great.  They also carry organic brown rice and quinoa, and really delicious rice crackers.  Naked Juice and Odwalla are also sold there, but it's not something we purchase.  We used to buy their organic carrot juice to give to Jack, because he is so anti-vegetable, but I didn't like him drinking so much juice all the time.  Now I just put spinach or kale in his smoothies.

Last time I was at Costco, I saw they also carry coconut oil (finally)!  I think it was a half gallon of Nutiva, for around $22.

How about you, what do you buy at Costco?
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