Top 10 of 2012

It seems strange to start 2013 with a look back, but it's a fun look back, so let's do it anyway!  Today I'm sharing the 10 posts that received the most page views in 2012.

10) Ya'll are nosy (as am I!), and liked reading about a "day in my life". 

9) Apparently we all like yummy food with little work.  A lot of you checked out my rotisserie chicken in the crockpot post.

8) You like results, and photos of them.  People seemed to enjoy seeing how I cleaned the shower in our rental home using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

7) Looking to ease your aches and pains (or perhaps make a last minute holiday gift), my DIY rice bags sure were viewed a lot.

6) For a post with zero comments, many of you checked out my "No Spend March" wrap-up.

5) Either a lot of people have adult acne, or else you like looking at photos of my zits.  My oil cleansing method post was quite popular.

4) Something as mundane as reducing your garbage waste, sure was read a lot!

3) Tons of you share my obsession love of chapstick, and checked out my DIY chapstick recipe.

2) Dry hands abound, and looking for a solution brought many people to read my hard lotion bar post.

1) And the top/most read post of 2012?   Vicks Vapor Rub shower disks!  It breaks my heart that some people still seem to have issues making these.  One of my goals has been to make a instructional video on how I have success with these, but frankly, it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my to do list!

Looking forward to sharing more stuff with everyone in 2013!