The queen of king quilts

I'm not the queen of king quilts, but I couldn't pass up that title.

Remember the small quilt that I made for Jack a while back?  With a small toddler sized quilt done, I decided I was ready for a king size quilt.  What could go wrong?



I was near tears a few times with this hoser, but I made it through and it's done. 

And I'm never making one that big again (that's what she said).  At least that is what I'm saying now.

The quilt took me forever (how long?  F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  Name that movie!), but mostly because I kept starting and stopping.  I crunched hard on this and finally finished it up in some long nights to get it ready for a friend's visit.  Currently, our spare bedroom contains an exercise bike, my wedding dress (slumped in the bottom of the bag and never sent to the dry cleaner.  I got married almost 8 years ago.  Outside.  It was 102 degrees.), and a bare mattress on the floor that once belonged to my in-laws.  Basically, the room looks like a setting for a snuff film.  The quilt "perks" it up a bit.  Not much, but a bit.

Just because, here are the enormous weeds on the side of my house that I can't grow anything and tend to forget about.  Oh, and a reflection of me taking pictures in my fleece bathrobe.  IN JUNE.  It's cold.

You might remember the bird fabric from my throw pillows!

The green fabric with white interlocking rings is leftover from my insulated curtains!

The green fabric is the back of the quilt.  I spent $2.99 at Goodwill for that.

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