It's hard to think about December already, but homemade holiday gifts to start now

We finally hit 85 degrees here in the Pacific Northwest, and yet my mind is already turning to the end of the year, and holiday gift giving.

If you are planning to give away some homemade goodies this year, here are some things to get going on stat!

1) Homemade vanilla extract.  Recipe here.  Price breakdown here.
2) Have a lot of mint in your garden?  Try your hand at peppermint extract.
3) Lavender salt (my lavender is starting to dry up here, so I assume the season is coming to an end.
4) Hard lotion bars.  I'm calling this a summer project, because if you want to add any dried flowers or herbs to the bars, this is the time to start drying them.

I have some new ideas brewing in my brain for edible homemade gifts this year, but I still need to do some taste tests before sharing.  They won't be too time consuming, and therefore you can still make them kinda last minute in the fall.