Meal plan for April 28th - May 4th

I was downloading the photos from Easter last week, and I was super disturbed by one of the photos of Jack.  I zoomed in, and confirmed my worst thoughts.  I am clearly raising a serial killer.  Holy shit, look at that face.
"I eat your face mommy".
Dudes, I am so wiped. We had Jack's birthday party yesterday.  There was a time on Friday night that I was tempted to cancel the party because my house was so clean.

I was off on Friday and woke up super early and didn't stop until 9:30 pm at night.  I had some aggressive weeding and lawn care to do.  The weather was gorgeous and perfect.  For an hour.  Then, the skies opened up and I looked like I was trying to enter a wet t-shirt contest.  Soaked in about 45 seconds I was.  Speaking like Yoda I am.  I got everything done, but was a soggy disgusting mess by the end of it.

The menu featured salad, homemade pizza (make 3 a night for a few nights, and freeze them), hummus, veg, chips and salsa, fruit, punch, and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in-between the layers, and cream cheese frosting on top.  It was kind of a big deal.  I'm known as the world's worst gift-wrapper (hence the cloth gift bags) and a piss poor excuse for a cake decorator.  I can't even pipe frosting on to a cupcake.  It's truly tragic.  I have many strengths as a person; cake decorating is not one of them.

But, I tried my best. 

I was making fun of it and Jack overheard me and said "stop that mommy, it's PERFECT", so at least he liked it.

Also, I told grounds-keeping to seed the back field, but they didn't get it done in time.  AKA, I ran out of frosting.

I am so sick of going to birthday parties and having to take home a plastic bag full of plastic crap.  The "goodies" inevitably break within twelve seconds, and then you have to chuck it when you get home.  To make sure we're not contributing to that waste stream, I made some cloth ziplocs and filled them with Seahawks temporary tattoos, and chocolates using this mold.

Here is a little tip from me to you.  When you're having a party, and people will be in and out of your fridge getting stuff to refill apps, label your containers to make it easy on everyone involved.  Little dry erase marker, and you're all set!

Meal plan time!  Reminder, I only plan dinners.  My breakfast of choice has changed, and I'm now obsessed with homemade Greek yogurt with tons of cut up fresh fruit (or fruit I froze in the summer), and a homemade granola bar crumbled on top.  It's delicious and keeps me completely full and satisfied until lunch. Lunches are always leftovers.  We rarely eat dessert during the week, and our dinner drink of choice is water kefir soda.

Monday:: Troy is grilled up some of his famous grilled chicken, a veggie side (we're hitting up Costco later today, so I'll get whatever strikes my fancy), and fruit.

Tuesday:: Hawaiian pizza wraps, some veg (see Monday's note), and fruit.

Wednesday:: Weeknight chicken parm, asparagus, and fruit.

Thursday:: Praise Jesus, my in-laws are feeding us!

Friday:: Popcorn dinner!

Saturday:: We're throwing my cousin a baby shower at 2, so I probably won't be eating any dinner that night.  Leftovers!

Sunday:: Family dinner at my parent's.  We'll contribute a side, dessert, or appetizer.

I have no idea what I spent on groceries this week, because most of it was for the birthday party.

What are you having this week?